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Ongoing projects

EERA 2007

For the European Electronics Recyclers Association (, an environmental analysis of the use of CRT glass in different processing options is evaluated. In addition, prediction on current and future capacities for receiving secondary CRT glass is assessed.

The environmental outcomes are to be used in standards for CRT glass recycling stimulating higher environmental levels of re-application. For further info contact: Jaco Huisman Timing: Completion by end of December 2007

Bo2W – The Best of two Worlds 2004 - 2010


The purpose of this project is to facilitate the development of large scale high level dismantling and environmentally sound domestic ewaste treatment capacity in China.


Eco-efficiency analysis on the treatment of disposed electronics is performed on extensive plus sorting of components, followed by dedicated material recycling of the specific streams created. The products under consideration are domestic consumer electronics and IT-equipment, like TV’s, audio equipment, PC’s and monitors, with most focus on PC’s without monitors. The research evaluations will be done with domestic (consumer) e-waste and well defined waste from business origins, to prove sound environmental operations ‘locally’. The recycling systems present in China are modelled focusing on the amounts, destinations and environmental and economic consequences of material recycling.

Project Partners

  • Taizhou Chiho Tiande
  • TU Delft
  • Umicore Precious Metal Refining
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • EMPA
  • Philips Consumer Electronics

Project Phases

  1. A theoretical eco-efficiency study (completed 2005)
  2. Small scale testing with domestic ewaste (completed 2007)
  3. Large on-site recycling tests plus completion of a monitoring system (scheduled 2008)
  4. Full scale demonstration with full and transparent reporting on (2010?):
    • All material destinations (monitoring)
    • International acceptable EHS standards fully implemented

EPSON 2007 - 2008

The project aims at providing evidences on the environmental implications of collection and recycling/refilling programs for empty ink jet cartridges (IC) under different scenarios. The first screening phase will be completed in November 2007. The second phase is scheduled for January 2008.